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Bruico Jewelry provides professional jewelry customization, design, production and processing services, mainly focusing on 14K and 18K mosaic business. Bruico Jewelry was established in 2015 and occupies the area of 500 square meters, which has its own factory, printing machines, polishing machines, CNC machines and electric machines.

We provide the professional jewelry design and production services. We have made great achievements and established a professional team with regard to purchasing, sales, admin, finance and marketing. Currently our company has 50 employees, 3 designers and 2 drawing technicians. Our team are young and energetic, with fabulous artisan spirits and exquisite fashion sense. We can respond to customer’s requirement within 48 hours.

We have rich experiences in jewelry design and production. High quality is guaranteed and trusted. Our products have a wide range of usage, such as celebration between intimates, present for promotion, gifts for big events. The orders are mainly from niche jewelry stores, freelance designers and boutiques. 

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WhatsApp Online Chat !